Cycling and paddle

Take care of your eyes while you practice sports


Sports practice is one of the most recommended activities for being healthy, but it is important to do it in good conditions and safety.

Protecting the eyes of small stones that jump from the road, the branches of the trees in the forest or paddel ball impacting to you eye will allow us to practice our favorite sport in optimal conditions.

Sports sunglasses are a complement that should be selected with a glasses specialist.

The type of lenses can be solar lenses or photochromic lenses. If you usually go cycling or playing paddle outdoors, the best option will be solar lenses to improve your comfort and protection against sun exposition. Photocromatic lenses are highly recommended for mountain bikers, because in the forest there is not much sun and the lenses adapts to the amount of light and protects you from sunlight and impact. It will also be highly recommended for paddle players who can play in day light or at night, indoors and outdoors.

An inconvenience are the sweat drops can fall on the glass making the vision worse. The lenses with hydrophobic treatment improves on this aspect by making sweat drops slip from the lenses, and are highly recommended in situations where you can spend time cleaning your glasses.

Once we know the type of lens that best suits with your needs, we must try different models of glasses because you must feel it comfortable and lightweight. The sport glasses are a part of the sport practice and should not interfere with the movements that can be made.

In the case of needing correction glasses there are different ways of correcting that will make your vision efficient during sports practice.

A later maintenance of the glasses under the supervision of the optician-optometrists will avoid problems during use.

Ibon Zugasti with glasses with sunglasses

Source: @ibzugasti