Gimnàs de la Visió of Federòptics Roure receives the visit of the players of the Força Lleida

It is vital for an elite player to have excellent visual skills, and these skills can be enhanced by visual training.


Sports practice requires great visual demand (a great visual effort). Maximum performance requires clarity of vision, good coordination of both eyes when focusing and optimal visual processing skills.

Basketball players with good visual skills such as visual motility, peripheral vision, space analysis, visual attention or reaction speed will achieve better results in the game.

In recent years there are several NBA teams that apply visual training techniques during physical preparation sessions. Both times champion of the NBA with the Golden State Warrios, Stephen Curry usually shares in social networks moments where he trains his vision during the preparation of the games.

A study by the Ohio Northen University published in February 2017 shows that 90% of players who perform visual training for 12 minutes a day improve their visual effectiveness and at the same time their game.

"The vision, like other sporting aspects, can also be improved with practice. Improvements are made at the level of the brain instead of the eye, since vision has its processing in the brain. The importance of customizing the training to each player is essential to achieve more optimal results and more suited to the needs of each one. That's why it is important to understand the needs of each player on the track. "